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Representing clients in commercial real estate leasing, brokerage and consulting with the highest degree of Integrity, Expertise and Excellence.

Branel Real Estate Company, LLC
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Who we are. 

Branel Real Estate Company was born out of our desire to represent our clients with the highest level of integrity and expertise for all of their real estate needs.

Having nearly sixty collective years of commercial real estate experience, including asset management, leasing, brokerage and property management, Branel Real Estate Company brings the experience and knowledge in representing the client from the perspective of each unique real estate business deal.
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Gateway Industrial Park

FOR LEASE Gateway Industrial Park

FOR SALE 4 acres Tangerine / Interstate 10

FOR SALE 4 acres Tangerine / Interstate 10

FOR SALE 3.86 acres Tangerine Rd. east of Interstate 10

FOR SALE 3.86 Acres Heavy Industrial Tangerine / Interstate 10

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+1 (520) 524-5248
Tucson, Arizona
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